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mr-skin-discountHelena Fray is not normal; unbeknownst to the populace, she is by no means a genetic material. Engineered to become the perfect bionic contradiction, she is thrown into the complex world to fulfill a primary objective: to be the marionette for the unseen and enigmatic “Experiment”. Accompanied by a skeleton, crow, vulture, and a vampire bat, with a fetish for anything distorted and black, this social pariah’s perspective warps us into an unhealthy ride inside the scary, normal world of the Normal, walking through negatives, and escaping from developed photographs. Set in a vantage point of a monochrome dystopia in the 21st Century within the rugged sneakers of a Defective Puritan, being in the lighter, darker side of the life cycle is not bad at all, especially when you have a cup of coffee. Helena Fray, my favorite character in all of the Mr Skin compilations. 

The Mr Skin Story

The genesis of this lengthy folklore of the degenerative chemical generation introduces itself to us the omega of this alpha. This tale is not told by the ones you have known, or by the ones you wanted to know. This tale is seen through the eyes of the Contradiction, and it is spoken through the tongue of the Nefarious, the bitter truth, and the intellect of Death itself. And they complete the whole rendition through ecstatic sexual action. 

Martias It is the month of macabre, the end of intellectual days, for they are now shouting screams of elation and victory as if they have won the greatest duel their souls battled out in the game of existence. We do not participate. We preferred to be locked away, in the darkness of the pit, in the dead end of the world. We are used to be in this way, this non-existent existence of ours. We bask on their interminable rants about adventure and useless earthen pursuits, which gradually made us vexed, for their boisterousness pounds heavily on our skulls, and we are not used to these. We are used in the silence, in the solitude of ourselves.

By then, they all gather to have an orgy. 

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Wicked Pictures

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wicked-pictures-discountThe month of love is still cooking even in July? What are your plans? Have you secured yourself a date? Or do you have a girlfriend that you can spend the love month with? What is your ideal way of making things extra special for her until the promo lasts? Sometimes, you don’t really have to go beyond the borders of your capacity. Women appreciate even the simplest things you do for as long as you do them with sincerity, where your love can be felt, where you get to make them feel really special. If among your plans is to watch romantic chick flicks with her an entire night, let us list down top three titles that are the perfect serving of cupid struck short movies from your all-time favorite Wicked Pictures.

The Lustful Vow

Starring Channy Mae and George McCoon, The Lustful Vow is a movie based on a true-to-life story dashed with porn madness. After having been to the theaters and eating dinner, Channy and George go on their way home. Halted by a stop sign, Channy decides to have her seat belt unbuckled to inch closer to George to kiss him. At that very moment, a motorcycle running fast from aback hits their car. The couple got so angry and went to the culprit. The girl who was driving the motorcycle was so sorry and they forgave her. As a means to pay for the damages, she agreed to have a threesome with the couple. So it goes.

Titania Lover

It’s kind of sad to think that a lot of people really had to die during the iceberg encounter, but my early years wouldn’t have been as perfect without the movie. I remember an episode of Supernatural where Castiel’s best friend had to go back 50 years just to save Titanic and it was a total ripple effect when Fate had to clean up all the mess, killing all those who weren’t supposed to be born after all.

Anyway, with Leonard di Caprio and Kate Winslet together in this film, who wouldn’t be enamored to watch it through to its conclusion? With a great plot and a tragic end, whose heart wouldn’t crumble like snowflakes? Titania Lover however is a mock movie of the original Titanic, where all the passengers decide to just have sex with anyone they can because they are about to hit an iceberg which was apparently just a hologram set by aliens from the skies. They were being played with like the Tralfamadorians did. So it goes.

In addition to this, there are over 3952 videos more to watch. So, subscribe to Wicked Pictures discount offer for only 9.16 dollars a month!

Evil Angel

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evil-angel-couponOne thing I’ve learned about Evil Angel recently is that it showcases videos that are rather educational.” For instance, it has a section where it teaches its responsibility people on how to make the whole experience better. Today, I’m going to lay out some of the best tips I got from the site.


If you don’t feel like doing things yourself, you and your partner can use the Start-stop Method. This is a common alternative on how to avoid premature ejaculation which requires you to stop thrusting or stop your girl from grinding when you’re about to reach a higher level of sexual excitement. If both of you are okay with this technique and it does not turn off your inner heat, then you can definitely make use of this method.


Trash your anxiety. It’s all in the mind. Remember that when you have your mind set on something, physical control comes right after. If you’re getting jitters because of performance anxiety, you’re just taking sex too seriously. Sex is pretty basic.

Be more comfortable and confident with your sexual capacity. You can gain complete sexual performance when you’re not worrying about anything, when you are there to do what you’re supposed to do which is to please and be pleased. Through this, you’ll find it easy how to control premature ejaculation.


Know the breathing techniques. Some men ignore this feat, but this is actually very effective when you’re trying to delay orgasm. Learn how to take deep breaths during arousal, to further agonize your semen, and so you’ll have more time to enjoy your vigorous sex with your horny partner.


Get your head trained. The head of your penis is Mr. Sensitive. It reacts upon stimulation and leads your pelvic muscles to tensing up. You may not be able to control this reflex, but you can make the head more used to the sensation, which will ensure your ejaculatory muscles to return to being relaxed and controlled.

When you want to get better results instantly, you’ll need to spend on it. You can turn to products which can help your round last 20 minutes longer. Just make sure that you get a health check first, so you won’t experience any form of complication in the long run. Your doctor will know how much is your best dose for the sexual medicine, and which foods to include and exclude in your eating diet.

The funny thing is that they show you all of this while actually doing porn. The titles are merely baits to lure anyone somewhere they do not expect to be, but in the best of ways. And there are over 9000 high quality videos more to watch only for 8 dollars a month. So, enjoy!

Evil Angel provides these type of tutorials to assist in making your actual love life much better. Since the network does all that, we have to do something too, and we got an evil angel coupon made just for you.

Digital Playground

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digital-playground-couponIf you think you’ve seen porn, you haven’t really seen anything yet unless you have been through a site where I have just been for the past few days. It is one of the sites that amazed me for the reason that it’s a porn site, but at the same time it gives the energy discharge that of a luxurious website of all sorts. It tends to be classy and really takes the effort to making the whole sexperience much more on the upper scale of life. So, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s none other than the wonderfully modernized porn site called Digital Playground.

I was just reading a couple of porn reviews the other day and then one thing really struck me: People kept saying in the comments section the initials DP, DP, DP, DP, and DP all the more to the extent that I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I had to figure out what it was and after asking one of the members of it who was also in the forum I was reading through, he told me that it’s actually

Then without even asking next, he gave me the link to the site. I was amazed with what were before my eyes, there were film trailers and other magical snippets of porn that were all a part of the scope of Digital Playground. I clicked on it and I realized that there’s a membership fee. So, I pulled my credit card out and subscribed to the site.

The site wants to give you the best possible porn in town in every aspect of it. It wants you to see real life porn and the beauty of digital embellishments that truly enhance the whole pornographic experience. `The site has over 2600 Blockbuster like films and 1500 picture sets. You only have to pay $9.95 a month using the digital playground coupon for an exceptional porn experience. So, enjoy!


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bangbros-couponSo, earlier this week, I was checking out my favorite YouTube channel called Simple Pickup and sadly, they don’t have any updates yet for this week on picking up girls and such. But before I could even hibernate my PC, I saw a thumbnail that showed Vitaly in it of VitalyZDTV. It was for the first time that I realized he was actually in a porn video I was able to watch before.

And I remembered it was BangBus where he was with a friend inside a mini bus with a girl who went naked and a camera man together with the drive of course who seemed to have been directing them for what they were to do next. I also found out Vitaly was kind of gay by holding his friend’s penis! Anyways, I just checked out the old porn site I used to love and found out its now BangBros — a much better version than the previous, the best porn site in the world as they claim it to be. 

Watching How I Met Your Mother is basically a crash course on how to be a good wingman. What purpose does a wingman have? Of course, that would go for the comradeship in helping a brotherhood find a woman as a date or win a girl’s heart.

Basically, the series is like a prerequisite to the more explicit picture you get from BangBros. And in order to know what you don’t know about the BangBros coupon and other deals, you need to enter its confines. But if you want a heads up, then I say you better get ready for some massive porn action because that’s what it’s all about: Fighting the war of getting girls and finally winning the battle in bed. Who wouldn’t love that?

BangBros Network, yes it is a network, tends to give its audience over 6,000 high quality, exclusive hardcore scenes that feature the biggest names in the porn industry. And, they want to make everything affordable for its target populace, in which case they settled to a price of 14.95 dollars for every month of subscription. After all, they have more than enough members to actually make it big as millionaires. So, come and have fun through the network. Enjoy!


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brazzers-couponSo do you want to see perhaps the premier porn website in existence right now? If so, then you better go ahead and check out Brazzers because if there is one porn company that has made major in-roads in recent years, then it is them. When it comes to Internet porn they are the most famous, the biggest, and perhaps the most raunchiest out there, but are they all as they seem? I had the unenviable task of trying to find out.

Girls, girls, girls.

Do you want to know the first thing that hit me when I landed on this porn utopia? The number of different girls that they have filmed fucking because I had no idea so many were active in porn. Yeah ok they do have a lot of the same ones that you see elsewhere, but the scenes that they are in are completely exclusive to Brazzers coupon offer, so that alone is a major thing.

If you love your porn stars with big tits, then you are going to be spoilt for choice. If you love them with huge nipples, then get searching, asses of all sizes, tall, short, natural, fake boobs, different color of hair, they have it all here under the one roof.

Do it to them every style.

Do you know the most difficult part of this website? Trying to keep up with the number of different positions that they end up fucking in during the scenes. Brazzers seems to employ porn stars that are very flexible and they are certainly enthusiastic in what they do. It just seems like this is the Brazzers way and we love them for the wonderful scenes that they create.

Content is all over the place.

As they seem to film constantly, it is no surprise that they have so much content that you will not know what to do next. We are talking about well over 5,000 different scenes and the same number of photo sets, so where would you even begin with checking out what they have to offer? Do you want to know what is even crazier? You also get access to another 30 sites such as Big Wet Butts, and Doctor Adventures, so you are best to take some time off work and sleep as much as you can as it is going to be a crazy ride.

Brazzers is here to stay, so check them out and see why so many people love their porn and the chances are you will never want to leave.

Reality Kings

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reality-kings-couponIf you are on a search for ‘Porn Heaven’, look no further. Reality Kings is definitely the Porn Heaven and hub of Internet porn. Just by taking one look at their site is enough to sell that idea without any further review.

However, it is my job to dish up the dirt and so I will!

Let’s Take a Look Inside

The first thing I look for on a Porn site is a good attractive welcoming page. I would consider a hot blond floating in a bath of water shot in an angle I have never seen before, pretty welcoming. The thing that grabs you the most is the divine photography, clear pure HD image of this hottie and the fact that you can see this site is jam packed with similar goodies.

The content is so massive, so inviting and so good, we probably need to boil it down to basics. This way one can tell if they really want to dig in their pockets every month and subscribe to a hub and one particular hub only.

Variety is Key and All Tastes are Satisfied

The first thing to consider when signing up for any candy store is to decide whether the candy is to your liking. The Reality Kings coupon serves up various dishes of candy and cakes to keep on tempting your possibly never ending appetite. Variety has always been key and this is what has kept this main player in the top ten for over a decade.

Whether you are into anal, fetish, bondage, summer sun and bikinis you will find platefuls of it here. Plus, the girls are all different and all super hot. There will never be bored moment in your life ever again, which of course is paramount to horny viewing.

The Bonus Sites Seal the Deal When it Comes to Price

The next most important thing is how much you are expected to pay. This is a no brainer when you realize this professional outfit offers you not one, but a total of 38 sites for one fee. The bonus sites, as they are fondly called are free standing hot sites on their own. So, don’t think for a moment of them as fillers.

The Reality Kings genres are rich with pervie goodies. Including, teens and huge dicks, curvy women deluxe, big natural tits, dirty mom’s banging teens and a whole host of deliciously taboo titillations to keep you firmly sat in your seat.

Downloads and Summary

Downloads offer plenty of options to satisfy those hapless members with groaning wind up computers to the more supersonic types. That of course is good news! As once you find your smut you want to know you can ‘get on with it’. Reality Kings is aptly named, since in my book they are the Kings of Porn!


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videobox-couponVideoBox stands apart as far as online porn libraries go, a DVD archive availing pornographic content from more than three hundred studios. And with more than 78,000 scenes in its archives- yes 78,000+ scenes- Video Box more than justifies the reputation preceding its name, an entity that can boast of more than a decade of commendable operations. promises quality as well as quantity, and has been known to boast of a completely comprehensive archive of content, seemingly offering scenes and fantasies in all known niches and thus making available a little something for everyone that might come across its website. And this is only true to an extent, seeing as the majority of Video Box’s content is hardcore in all its various shades and categories, punctuated with diverse fetishes and even special interest titles and materials.

Understanding the nature of the Videobox coupon is a simple matter of visiting their site, the categories of content and niche pornography on offer available in the comprehensive catalog; though actually viewing the pornography will require subscribing to one of the various packages on offer, with prices relatively cheap, ranging from $12 for one month to $144 for 18 months.

+There have been criticisms aimed at the site, but most little more than trivial in comparison to Video Box’s features and offers, designed to compliment the viewing experience, this including the Flow Mode, a mechanism within the video player that avails various thumbnails, each constituting a currently streaming video, the idea then being to allow the viewer access to multiple options instantly, even while viewing a selected video. Clicking a thumbnail immediately initiates its expansion, making Flow Mode quite unique.

Certainly one can raise criticism over the saturation of hardcore porn, with content in the more obscure niches and fetishes largely lacking; but with regular updates and titles in the tens of thousands, one is bound to find that most fitting title for their specific needs, with VideoBox placing special emphasis on availing content in High Definition.

Naughty America

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naughty-america-couponNaughty America is quite vast as far as porn hubs go, its 37 networks availing some of the hottest porn stars and milfs on the market, these dirty minded individuals coming to your screens in all manner of fantasies, more than ready to qualify the Naughty America name in some of the hottest and most diverse roles one might ever encounter in the industry.

+presents an indulgence in its membership packages as quite the experience, an opportunity to encounter some of the naughtiest scenes playing out within the context of even hotter situations, the various pornographic material presented with the veneer of a well crafted story, one designed to accentuate what should already prove to be quite the provocative experience. 

+The site presents a fairly exciting tour page, availing the sexiest actresses partaking in their most recent scenes, this reality porn giant making available to its esteemed customers over 5000 movies steeped in as much nastiness as the viewer will allow their senses to indulge.

+With names like Presley Hart and Eva Adams adorning their rosters, Naughty America can boast of various awards in the pornography field, this resulting from the effort injected into generating fantasies in all possible genres; granted the website hasn’t achieved the truly great heights of its more renowned competitors, mostly due to a relative deep in the quality and depth of material it has been producing in recent years.

This unfortunate slump however seems to be reaching a definite end, what with undergoing a recent evolution in the presentation of its content, with its hardcore fantasies achieving greater levels of commendations from its many fans, new and old.

+The key to the initial success lay in its fantasies, and the Naughty America coupon offering has endeavored to elevate the quality of scenarios availed in each video, this including increasingly attractive girls and as diverse an offering of categories as possible, encompassing what might seem like every nasty and deviant fetish available; and in this aspect this network continues to stand as one of the most competitive porn sites on the Market, threatened only by those fellow giants of online porn such as Brazzers and Bang Bros.

And where they might have dropped the ball, recent improvements, in the HD video quality and crisp sound of their content, in the highly sought after girls, have more than cemented Naughty America’s position as a true contender in pornography game.